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Nick Edel was born in Bordighera on March 3, 1934. Painter and printer, he is one of the most important Italian representative of the Wildlife Art. His works have been exhibited since 1952 and are to be found in various Italian and international collections.


His family tree includes many artists: from his great great grandfather  Giuseppe Naudin, court painter for  Maria Luigia d'Austria and Vittorio Emanuele II, to the great grandfather Leopoldo Edel, a painter poet and army officer, to the grandfather Leonida, an architect and illustrator, to his cousin Alfredo,a famous costumes and set designer, to his father Leopoldo, a painter and graphic designer.


Nick Edel's talent came out very early:  in a small painting he first depicted his dog in 1951 showing his love for the detail and a passion for the natural and animal worlds. At the end of his art studies in 1952, he went for a long journey to the untouched nature of the northern European countries, hitchhiking the German Walds, the Scottish Highlands and the Norwegian fjords. Coming back to Turin he followed the teachings of Francesco Menzio and Italo Cremona at the Accademia Albertina, always looking for more inspiration from nature, which he deeply respects and cherishes.


During the following years  various travels brought him to such different places as the Alps (he thinks of himself as an alpine painter), Russia, Africa, the United States, Canada and Greenland. Such a long experience deepened his knowledge of the wild animals and their habitat that he also studied by his photographs. The drawings are actually at the root of his artistic work; but every scientific detail goes through a personal reinterpretation of the subject in order to attain the true spirit of the wild life.

He founded in Turin in 1972 the Wildlife movement with Nino Aimone, Francesco Casorati, Romano Campagnoli, Giò Minola, Mario Giansone, Mario Molinari e Giuseppe Garimoldi. Together they will exhibit their works in many towns (Torino, Milano, Roma, Colonia, Copenaghen, New York, Miami).


Main personal exhibitions:

• Animali delle Alpi, Castello di Saint Pierre (Ao), 1996;

• Animali delle Alpi, Tour Fromage, Aosta, 1996;

• Nick Edel pittore della natura, Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali, Torino, 2003-2004;

• Nick Edel. Pittore alpino, Forte di Fenestrelle (To), 2007;

• Nick Edel. Selvatici in natura, Museo del Territorio Biellese, Biella, 2012.


Other exhibitions:

• Festival International d'Art Animalier, Pays d'Eygurande Corréze, Francia, 1988;

• Bianconero granata colori ed emozioni, Sala Bolaffi, Torino, 1990;

• European Wildlife art, Maison Européene de la nature, Bruxelles, Dicembre 1993;

• II rassegna internazionale del Disegno Naturalistico "La fauna delle Alpi", Palazzo della Regione, Torino, 1994;

• Festival Européen e Pays de Langres, Langres, Francia, 1997;

• L'Omaggio alla "Venèrie", Reggia di Venaria, Venaria, 1998;

• Il Bestiario, Galleria Davico, Torino, 1999;

• 23a Wildlife Exhibition Wild in the Nature, Enschede, Paesi Bassi, 2001;

• Il leone di Giuda, Piemonte artistico culturale, Torino, 2003.