Beppi Zancan


The Artist


Beppi Zancan was a well-known journalist. Brilliant and eccentric artist, he dedicated himself to painting and engraving from a very young age, along with jazz music, of which he was a refined interpreter, both with the trumpet and with the clarinet.

His works, which deal mainly with landscape themes, have been jealously guarded until today by Beppi and his wife Carlotta and only rarely have they appeared on the market, despite the numerous exhibitions ordered, mainly personal.

Only a few refined and attentive collectors, who were close to him and whom he considered in tune with his own being, gave up some of his works.





Associazione per il Patrocinio dell’Opera di Beppi Zancan


Today, Emanuele Cardellino, owner of the Galleria L'Estampe of Turin, President of the Association for the Patronage of Beppi Zancan's Work, assisted by Carlotta Frattini Zancan, aims to promote, archive and, when necessary, authenticate this vast and important legacy, through which the author's multifaceted genius transpires.



    1967 L’Arte Antica, Torino

    1971 L’Arte Antica, Torino

    1971 Il Gabinetto delle Stampe, Milano

    1974 Casinó di Sanremo, Sanremo

    1976 L’Arte Antica, Torino

    1976 Il Gabinetto delle Stampe, Milano

    1977 Galleria Tardy, Enschede, Olanda

    1981 La Giostra, Asti

    1981 Arte Centro Quaglino, Torino

    1983 La Giostra, Asti

    1983 Circolo degli Artisti, Torino

    1987 Le Immagini, Torino

    1987 Davico, Torino

    1990 L’Arte Antica, Torino


Galleria d’Arte Antica e Moderna L’Estampe di Emanuele Cardellino

via dei Mercanti 3/G

10122 Torino